Gain Insight, Make Better Decisions

MeltSpot is essentially human-centric. Our ultimate goal is to generate value for the end customer by providing in-depth data using sophisticated technology that is beneficial for anyone wanting to learn more about human behaviour, whether it is for research purposes or to create better services and experiences.

There is a popular saying that “data is the new oil”. The comparison has strong merit. But unlike a fossil fuel, data isn’t necessarily spent once used; its value keeps growing as new pieces of information are added. In this way, data is more like wind or solar energy, which can also be used in multiple forms to serve more than one purpose.

In order to maximise the value of this renewable resource, we must find ways to capture and manage it at every phase of its lifecycle. The real value of data lies in the insight it can generate.

All acquired data is encrypted, strictly anonymised and beautifully visualised by Melt’s interactive cloud service – revealing patterns of behaviour, visitor flow and advanced location statistics.

Real World Analytics

Melt now offers truly game-changing technology for well-founded decision-making in businesses and smart cities.

Compare the performance of all your branches regionally, nationally or globally. Gain insight by measuring all aspects of visitors’ flow. Use this insight to improve and optimise your business processes and structures. Replan, regroup, reshape, reorganise, relocate, review all that needs attention. All branches of management get essential support for informed decisions.

Movement Analysis

Gain a better understanding of visitors’ behavior by tracking their movement.


Visitor Identification

Get to know your visitors.


What turns your visitors into customers?

There is a pattern in their behaviour, Melt will prove it.


Results, predictions and customising

Melt provides in-depth visualization on your own terms.


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