Cutting-edge Visitor Analysis

MeltSpot now offers truly game-changing technology for well-founded decision-making in businesses and smart cities.

Analyze and understand your visistors behavior, and compare the performance of all your branches regionally, nationally or globally.

Gain insight by measuring all aspects of visitors’ flow. Use this insight to improve and optimise your business processes and structures. Replan, regroup, reshape, reorganise, relocate, review all that needs attention. All branches of management get essential support for informed decisions.

MeltSpot Crowd Analytics

MeltSpot Crowd Analytics is a revolutionary new way to understand your visitors.

Visitor density areas are displayed in a clear heat map giving you a real-time view of how many visitors there are in each space, allowing you to responsibly act before crowds or queues arise.

Access detailed data on heat levels, density levels and visit duration, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Ideal for shopping centers, amusement & theme parks, arenas, museums and many more.

Movement Analysis

By placing MeltSpot nodes at key locations around the premises, visitors will be passively detected and continuously registered as they roam the area, e.g. stand window-shopping or form a queue.

MeltSpot visualises movement in several ways:

  • in a flow chart;
  • by heat-mapping, where the colour of an area indicates the present density of visitors or the density of visitors over any period;
  • the duration visitors dwell at a given spot;
  • a walk-by index, where the percentage of window conversion is shown;
  • a path analysis, visualising the way people behave on the premises and their velocity;
  • if and when there is a lemmings effect;

Visitor Identification

The ability to identify visitors is one of MeltSpots key features. See customer data points, such as whether a visitor is visiting for the first time - without revealing personally identifiable information. Detection of recurring visitors is another core feature.

Imagine that you knew

  • how many visitors are here for the first time;
  • how many were here previously;
  • the duration of their stay;

Add information about

  • which way they arrived;
  • their means of travel;
  • how often they visit;

In fact, MeltSpot can provide you with all the important information about your visitors/customers which may legally be collected, processed and visualised.

What turns your visitors into customers?

Try to find out why people visit or why they behave the way they do. What input do you really have? Perhaps a more or less qualified guess or an expensive, man-made survey, carried out in a small period of time?

It used to be a challenge, sometimes outright impossible, to measure the effect of things happening or decisions taken. MeltSpot changes all that. We simply take the relevant information into account.

Let us explain.

With MeltSpot, you don’t just get visitor data. Using our powerful API, you can correlate background information that makes sense of the noise. Was one entrance closed for repairs? What was the result of your marketing campaign targeting a specific segment?

MeltSpot already adds a host of metrics, such as how the weather impacts the number of visitors you get and their on-site behavior, or how payday influences the average duration of stay.

By unleashing the API and integrating with existing systems, like your CMS, behaviour can also be linked with sales statistics or staffing - truly only ones imagination sets the limits.

Results, predictions and customising

With MeltSpot, patterns emerge. You will come to know which parameters and actions result in a certain number of visitors. When you know how different data points influence the number of customers you get, a prognosis can be made. This enables you to more efficiently plan marketing campaigns, events, inventory or number of staff.

MeltSpots’ cloud service provides a simple yet scalable dashboard, displaying metrics in real-time. Adding your own, or third party data sources, you can search and visualise key data-points based on custom filters.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more!

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